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The Story

It's be nearly 600 turns since the 9th Pass came and went. That pass was suppose to be the last. Records show that somehow our ancestors actually managed to knock the Red Star off course so Thread would no longer plague our planet. Pern has not had it easy though. Tempers flare between the Northern and Southern Continents and a plague killed most of our precious dragons. Now, the Red Star is becoming more prominent in the dawning sky. I can only hope it doesn't mean anything, but only the future knows.

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 M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth

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PostSubject: M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth   M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 1:53 am

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth Generalbanner1
Name: M'asim (formerly Mutasim)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Brownrider
Rank: Rider
Place of Birth: Faelwen Weyr
Residence Faelwen Weyr

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth Statistics
(REMEMBER! All characters start off with 5 points they get to distribute where they like. Here is a link to the definition of the stats if you need it: Stats)

Brawn: 2
Cunning: 1
Smarts: 2

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth Appearance1
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'4 1/2" (he claims 5'5")
Weight: 145 lbs
Description: You know how some small things seem really cute at a glance but you just know that if you try to cuddle with them you're likely to have your face turn into a battleground? Meet M'asim. This short little guy doesn't mess around and it doesn't take a second glance to figure that out. His clothing is sensible, always in neutrals, well-worn and oft-repaired. He never goes anywhere without at least a belt knife and a wicked long hunting knife strapped to his thigh. There's also a certain tension to his stance that most don't notice until it vanishes, a stillness that is just too still. Like a suspicious animal observing its surroundings closely.

M'asim's come in small, well-formed packages. Wide shoulders, narrow hips and a rear that can provoke a second and third glance...well, let's just say he'd likely have a small following of crushing women if he wasn't practically a midget. He's not traditionally handsome in the face, tending more toward boyish youth, particularly since he wears his gently curling hair just past his shoulders (braided, of course). But there's a dark, feral attractiveness to him, particularly in his dusky skin and the passionate flash of expressive dark eyes.

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth Personality1
Likes: Running, hunting, physical activity, spicy food
Dislikes: Boats, any form of 'booksmarts', liars, large men
Fears: Really large men, physical intimacy
Virtue: Empathy, passion, honesty
Vice: Paranoia, aggression
Description: Ma'sim puts off a distinctive 'don't mess with me' vibe. His expression tends to range from forbidding to disinterested. He's most often found out in the wilds hunting, running, or otherwise engaging in something hands-on. It's not unusual to see him helping out with various projects around the Weyr, though. If a person didn't know any better they might well mistake him for a drudge. Ma'sim takes his training very seriously and he and Jakarth do quite a bit on their own in addition to wing drills. He tends to avoid large men (large being over 6' and built strong enough to throw him into a wall) but acts like any cornered animal when fleeing is not an option. The king of bluster is M'asim.

In reality, though, M'asim is much like a crusty teddy bear. He's surprisingly understanding and should you befriend him the man is loyal to a fault. This brownrider has a tendency to become too attached to his few friends. His lovers have been few and far between - two in his entire twenty-seven turns of life - but his feelings for them have not abated in the slightest. (Though being a friend doesn't mean you're exempt from M'asim's grumpy grumblings. No one is that fortunate.)

Though many are not aware because of how he presents himself, M'asim is exceedingly sensitive. This makes him both incredibly empathetic and easily hurt. His self-esteem has tanked so low that he doesn't blame anyone else for anything, especially if it's a wrong against the brownrider himself. He may react in anger initially but afterwards he invariably forgives. Something of a blessing and a curse, that. The one thing he demands of himself and his friends though is complete honesty. Even if the truth is hard to swallow.

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth History1
History: Mutasim was born the third of five children to two dragonriders who surprisingly were (and still are) weyrmates. His upbringing was a little different from the average weyrbrat; Mutasim grew up in the weyr of his parents with his siblings all around him. His younger sister, Jazheera, was his closest friend and they often got themselves into trouble exploring the wilds surrounding the Weyr. It was not his parents or Jazheera who made the biggest impression on him, though. No, that fell to his eldest sibling, Khalim. Khalim made a habit of bullying his younger (and unusually small) brother whenever he got the chance.

The bullying got to the point where Mutasim genuinely began to fear for his life. Khalim would wrestle him into chokeholds and not release him until Mutasim had been rendered unconscious, lead him deep into the wilds and leave him there, and once he even held the boy under the water for a frightfully long time. Their parents either didn't believe it or turned their attention elsewhere. One day Mutasim finally fought back, brandishing a dagger at his brother in full view of everyone. This of course got him into a considerable amount of trouble...but it also resulted in the separation of the two boys. Khalim went to live in the candidate barracks with the candidates from the holds and those weyrbrats who'd found their home in the creche before their candidacy.

Mutasim, too, became a candidate at the age of fourteen. Children are not the nicest of creatures and the bullying did not end with Khalim. He quickly learned that his best option was picking the strongest of each new group of candidates and picking a fight with him. Now, Mutasim didn't win all these fights, but it did earn him a reputation and he certainly gave a good deal of hurt no matter who won. Eventually people learned not to mess with him and he was left in relative peace.

At 16 the boy became M'asim after Impressing brown Jakarth. If anything, Jakarth improved the new weyrling's disposition. He became generally more stable and less prone to fight, as well as a bit more comfortable in his own skin. Strangely enough though it didn't completely banish the posturing. In fact, M'asim only became more and more gruff as he grew older. His first weyrmate (and also his first) was a greenrider by the name of Shitaki who has Impressed to Jakarth's clutchmate. He was 19 at the time and their relationship lasted one turn before M'asim discovered that Shitaki was also sharing a bronzerider's furs. This hurt him sorely, but he accepted it as a reality of a weyr. Not everyone could be like his parents. Of course, this reasoning did him little good when Shitaki left him for the more charismatic bronzerider, ruining both a friendship and a relationship in one blow. M'asim has never stopped loving her and probably would take her back if she ever expressed the desire - much to his chagrine.

He was 23 before he would venture to love again. By this time he and Jakarth were part of one of the wings most often called up to help holders in times of various natural disasters. It was through this job that he met the healer R'ign, another brownrider. Now R'ign was straight (at least by his own reckoning) and the crush was bound to be unrecquited...but strangely enough the healer ended up falling for M'asim despite it all. The two were a close if somewhat unconventional couple, staying together and happy for three turns until R'ign died suddenly of pneumonia.

M'asim has become more withdrawn since then. Always avoiding the affairs of those who ride 'shinies', he now avoids almost everyone who he doesn't already count as friend and spends most of his time in training or helping out with the drudges. Keeping busy to keep his mind off things. It doesn't matter that it's been a turn since R'ign's death...M'asim still battles depression. Fortunately, Jakarth is a great help.

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth Dragons1
Name: Jakarth
Color: Brown
Age: 11
Personality: Peace-loving, this brown absolutely hates physical conflict of any sort. This is his only hate, however. He has a queer hoarding habit that seems to come directly out of Terran fairytales - if only random pieces of driftwood and 'pretty' pebbles could be considered treasure. These pretties are often gifted to dragons and people he likes or has befriended and it's best to just accept them if you don't want to hurt his feelings. He's a rather calm and amiable dragon otherwise, though, and has a special love for hatchlings and young humans.

Description: If not for Jakarth's gleaming redwood color - and yes, he veritably glows with health as long as His is taking good care of him, almost as shiny as one of the metallics - he would no doubt be considered blue. This brown runs on the average to large side of blue-sized. Apparently size isn't the only thing that goes into stamina, though, because Jakarth's endurance rivals that of his fellow browns. Maybe it is due to the broader shape of his wings. It makes for an interesting mixture of endurance and maneuverability though, so that his flight pattern is a bit different from both his brown and blue brothers.

M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth Animals1
Pet Type: Canine
Color: Grey
Name: Ash
Description: Gifted to M'asim as a pup when he and R'ign first became weyrmates, she is now an adult of four turns. She is sleek and runs a bit small for her breed (just like Jakarth and M'asim themselves) but not significantly so in her case. Her fur is a mottled grey with a brownish base coat, and her underbelly is a light grey that sometimes resembles white in the right lighting. In terms of markings she really has no distinctive ones, but she does have a scar that narrowly missed one eye when she was out with her owner while he was hunting.

Personality: Ash is a perfect example of a well-behaved canine. She obeys M'asim with little prompting, is generally quiet, gentle and good with kids, and isn't easily exciteable. Neither is she terribly shy with strangers though she does tend to be at least a little cautious. Apart from when he rides Jakarth and where it's forbidden for her to go (i.e. the kitchens) Ash stays by M'asim's side almost constantly. This girl is an excellent hunter and always accompanies him on his hunting trips. The only time she shows genuine aggression is in the event of a threat to M'asim, but that is rare enough.
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M'asim :: Brownrider :: Jakarth
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