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The Story

It's be nearly 600 turns since the 9th Pass came and went. That pass was suppose to be the last. Records show that somehow our ancestors actually managed to knock the Red Star off course so Thread would no longer plague our planet. Pern has not had it easy though. Tempers flare between the Northern and Southern Continents and a plague killed most of our precious dragons. Now, the Red Star is becoming more prominent in the dawning sky. I can only hope it doesn't mean anything, but only the future knows.

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 Rostam's Journal

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PostSubject: Rostam's Journal   Rostam's Journal I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 12:34 am

Emphasis on Journal. I do not write in diaries. Men do not write in diaries. Spelled J-o-u-r-n-a-l. Now that this point is made, I have decided to begin recording random tidbits that may or may not be useful later. Someone has to record the histories, right?

Unfortunately, there isn't much grand going on right now unless you count old Weyrwomen dying of...well, of being old. Everyone's being all teary about it, too. I don't see what the big deal is. Everyone dies. What, did they expect her to live forever and shrivel away into the size of a pea, directing everyone with her senile mind until the end of time? People are truly ridiculous.

Besides, the new Weyrwoman is much easier on the eyes. She's no hottie, mind you, and ridiculously inexperienced. How experienced do you really have to be, though, to guide a Weyr comprised mostly of messenger boys and emergency response teams in event of a flood? (Note to self: If you ever Impress, Rostam, you will come down with firehead whenever there is flooding.)

No, I think the new arrangement is much better. Now if things could just be a little less boring. Sans flooding, of course. I can do without flooding.
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Rostam's Journal
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