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The Story

It's be nearly 600 turns since the 9th Pass came and went. That pass was suppose to be the last. Records show that somehow our ancestors actually managed to knock the Red Star off course so Thread would no longer plague our planet. Pern has not had it easy though. Tempers flare between the Northern and Southern Continents and a plague killed most of our precious dragons. Now, the Red Star is becoming more prominent in the dawning sky. I can only hope it doesn't mean anything, but only the future knows.

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 Dalibor Weyr - LB

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PostSubject: Dalibor Weyr - LB   Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:31 pm


The ninth pass of Pern was not as some have known. AIVAS was not discovered. Pern still lies under the constant threat of Thread. Jaxom and Ruth lived and died, leaving only the five traditional colors once again. However, in the tenth interval, another White hatched at Benden Weyr, Teth, who Impressed to a girl named Circe. Unlike Ruth, she was female, and, unlike Ruth, she could reproduce. She had a clutch of two eggs, producing two colors equally as strange as her, an iron, Stelinth of D'bor, and a black, Pelth of B'ion. The iron grew to be a King, catching gold Larith of Paaie. Their clutch brought more new, unusual colors, including a copper Queen. D'bor and Paaie later left Benden to found a Weyr and protect the newly founded Western and, later, Crescent Holds. A young copper Queen and her rider, Kalith of Fajra, joined them. When D'ror, and Paaie, died, the new Weyr was christened Dalibor Weyr, after his old name and honoring what he had done to bring the Weyr to life.

Enter a world of activity . . .

Much has happened since then. Kalith rose for her first flight, mauling a mysterious brown not of Dalibor, Abeneth, and bronze Daidoroth caught her. Dalibor's first clutch hatched, including a new Queen, gold Callistath, who Impressed to Avalle, a new color, cyans, and a blind white, who made waves within minutes of his birth by announcing to everyone present at the Hatching that Weyrwoman was pregnant. Whers have arrived, including Gold Risk of male Ridan.

Enter a world of mystery . . .

The presence of the strange dragon, Abeneth, at Kalith's Flight was only the first in a string of mysterious incidents that many people are attributing to a group of renegade dragonriders somewhere on the Western Continent. Crescent Hold was pillaged and a young boy was kidnapped by a pair of dragons that certainly didn't belong to Dalibor. Later, two children were rescued from the forest and given a ride back to their Hold by another dragon, but, again, no one at Dalibor could claim credit for this good deed.

Enter a world of conflict . . .

At the first gather of the Western Continent, the Lord Holder of Western Hold, young and ambitious Duilios, met with Weyrwoman Fajra, a meeting that did not end well. Duilios later attended Kalith's hatching, more than a mere spectator (in fact, he almost seemed to be goading the bronze who hatched towards him), but left disappointed. Nine months later, his hold had been suffering losses of supplies, but, far from looking puzzled or distraught, he seemed happy. It seemed that he had made a pact with the renegades, so that when the orange leading their small group, Alizadehth, flew, he stood, even as against tradition as that was.

Enter a world of suspense . . .

Alizadehth was caught by brown Abeneth, of course, even as she laid her small clutch down on Dalibor’s sands. No one was happy about this, least of all Kalith, but a mother dragon had her right. The dragonets hatched, and the renegades disappeared again – not without leaving the newly Impressed D’lios Impressed to a brown and a group of renegade dragonets Impressed and needing to be taught. Even as this happened, Fajra had given birth to a beautiful baby boy, christened Osro.

Enter a world of adventure . . .

Time passed, and Kalith’s first clutch graduated. She again rose, and was caught by bronze Daidoroth. She clutched, and her dragonet’s hatched – yet, on that night, as they celebrated, young Osro was kidnapped by the renegades. The blind white, who all had thought was useless to the community, proved to be the very thing the Weyr needed, for Zucherroth could find anyone. The rare little creature found Osro, forcing the renegades’ hand, and the weyrleaders’ son was handed back to them . . . But tradition was broken that night, as the unthinkable happened.

Enter a world of intrigue . . .

Dragon fought dragon. The renegades were forced to surrender, and were offered – most graciously – a home by Fajra. They are not trusted, but they are grounded, at least. A meeting of the weyrleaders throughout Pern was called, as well, and that did little to solve anything. Even now, distress lies heavily in the Weyr as the new weyrlings are taught and the whole Weyr eyes with mistrust the few renegades left.

Enter a world of community . . .

Out of all the in character turmoil, Dalibor Weyr has been up and running for over one whole YEAR now, and its members are like family. We love nothing more than having fun at our admin's expense, throwing our characters in some of the most ridiculous situations possible, and playing OOC games or chatting it up in our busy c-box. The site is definitely active, and has survived PHS (Post-Hatching Syndrome) not once, but THREE TIMES. We have new people joining all the time, and welcome them with open arms – hey, we love having new people to [s]torture[/s] love.

Enter a world of opportunity . . .

We right now have two females rising for a small clutch, a gold wher running for our first big wher hatching, and a HUGE summer hatching that our admin keeps dropping tantalizing hints about. We still have transfers and adoptions open for the fantastic, angry reds, quiet blacks, and plenty of other colors, as well as wher colors open for transfers such as the reds, browns, and even one white and one gray, both very rare. The plethora of colors has created many more possibilities for draconic characters, ranging from the temperamental reds to the sweet and kind yellows, the fun-loving purples to the solemn grays. Many positions are still open, including headwoman, Lady Holders, and masters of all kinds. There is always an upcoming clutch for new Candidates (and we're often looking for homes for flitter eggs).

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Dalibor Weyr - LB
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