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The Story

It's be nearly 600 turns since the 9th Pass came and went. That pass was suppose to be the last. Records show that somehow our ancestors actually managed to knock the Red Star off course so Thread would no longer plague our planet. Pern has not had it easy though. Tempers flare between the Northern and Southern Continents and a plague killed most of our precious dragons. Now, the Red Star is becoming more prominent in the dawning sky. I can only hope it doesn't mean anything, but only the future knows.

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 Round 'em Up

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PostSubject: Round 'em Up   Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:29 pm

"Howdy there. The name's Mak. You seem like a fairly capable person. If you have a beast to ride I may just have a job for you. Now it ain't much, but you sure would be helping this old man out. I'm not as young as I use to be, you see, and these old bones don't move as fast. I have a small head of herdbeast I need to drive them to the Beastcraft Hall. However, this is proving way more difficult than it should since most my regular help has up and left me for other things. Now, I can't promise a huge payment, but I can see what I can do. Those herdbeast are worth quite the mark. What do ya say? Ya in?"

What to do:
  • Follow Mak to his small hold to begin taking the herd to market. (dragonriders can use their dragons to round up the herd).
  • Keep the herd safe on the three day journey to Haven Hold.

  • 75 marks
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Round 'em Up
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