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The Story

It's be nearly 600 turns since the 9th Pass came and went. That pass was suppose to be the last. Records show that somehow our ancestors actually managed to knock the Red Star off course so Thread would no longer plague our planet. Pern has not had it easy though. Tempers flare between the Northern and Southern Continents and a plague killed most of our precious dragons. Now, the Red Star is becoming more prominent in the dawning sky. I can only hope it doesn't mean anything, but only the future knows.

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PostSubject: Character Stats   Character Stats I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2011 10:58 am

Every human character has three stats. When you first make your character you will get 5 points to distribute into the three stats as you please.

    Brawn: This stat refers to a characters strength and constitution. Characters with high Brawn can take a lot of punishment. They are very skilled at fighting or any type of combat.

    Cunning: This stat refers to a characters charisma and dexterity. Character with high Cunning are very perceptive, can talk their way out of most situations, are agile, can go unnoticed if they so wish, and are good at reading other people.

    Smarts: This stat pretty much explains itself. Wisdom and Intelligence fall into this category. Characters with high Smarts are very knowledgeable. They are the ones to go to if you have a question about anything. They are also excel at being advisers.

There will be ways to up your original stats to become better.
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Character Stats
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