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The Story

It's be nearly 600 turns since the 9th Pass came and went. That pass was suppose to be the last. Records show that somehow our ancestors actually managed to knock the Red Star off course so Thread would no longer plague our planet. Pern has not had it easy though. Tempers flare between the Northern and Southern Continents and a plague killed most of our precious dragons. Now, the Red Star is becoming more prominent in the dawning sky. I can only hope it doesn't mean anything, but only the future knows.

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PostSubject: Shop Information   Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:44 am

The Marketplace is normally bustling with people. No matter the time of day. Stalls line the walls on every side of the large courtyard. You step into the courtyard through an extravagantly carved stone archway and are immediately greeted by one of the guards. "Well met. The market's a busy place as always. Make sure to keep your weapons sheathed and we'll have no problems, eh?"
As soon as you start to pass stands the vendors are calling out to you.. You can find all sorts of things in this Marketplace. Swords and weapons of every type, books and puzzles for your own amusement, fine jewelry and clothing. Whatever you could wish to buy, can be found here. There is a stable to find fine animals in. There's even a vendor that sells firelizard eggs and other small animal companions.

The store is where you can buy items to make your stats better or simply to buy things for your own amusement. Be sure to make note of the Echelon requirement for some items, mainly the weapons, armor, books, and puzzles. To buy things, all you have to do is reply in their respective threads with what you want to buy. An admin will take the marks from you for your purchase as soon as possible.
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Shop Information
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